消除云风险. 自动化合规.

  • Monitor cloud risk everywhere, in real time
    Detect cloud risk immediately with real-time, agentless visibility into everything running across your entire environment.

  • 用分层的上下文对风险进行优先排序
    Know exactly which risk signals to prioritize thanks to complete context, with the broadest 和 deepest coverage across major cloud platforms.

  • Automate cloud compliance any way you need
    执行组织标准, 简化补救过程, 和 fix compliance drift immediately with native, 没有代码自动化.


Stop playing whack-a-mole with never-ending risk signals 和 alerts. Track progress in improving organizational compliance 和 risk posture.

Improve team efficiency 和 cross-team collaboration

Make collaborating with stakeholders across your organization a breeze through seamless integration with your existing tools 和 processes.


Forget niche point solutions that only solve a sliver of the problem. InsightCloudSec provides a unified platform that meets all of your cloud security needs with a single subscription.


Respond to cloud risks faster than ever with real-time risk detection, 聪明的优先级, 以及自动修复工作流程, limiting blast radius 和 business impact.


Enterprises are using the cloud to drive innovation 和 digital transformation. 然而, most security 和 operations teams lack unified visibility into the various cloud services being used by their development teams. InsightCloudSec lets you continuously monitor all your cloud 和 container services in one user-friendly platform with better insights into associated risks.


Surface 和 Assess Cloud Risks in Real Time

It’s common to be overwhelmed with a large volume of threat signals from various resources, making it hard to identify true risks 和 act on them in a timely fashion.

InsightCloudSec enables up-to-the minute cloud risk 评估ment by providing full context across the infrastructure, 编制, 工作负载, 数据层.


Apply Consistent Policies to Prevent Misconfigurations

As organizations navigate their digital transformation, security teams are tasked with mitigating risk 和 maintaining compliance across massive, 不断变化的多云环境.

InsightCloudSec st和ardizes your entire asset inventory across multiple cloud service providers so you can consolidate policy management 和 leverage automated remediation to consistently eliminate unwanted or non-compliant configurations no matter where they turn up.



In cloud environments, everything has an identity: users, applications, services, 和 systems. 这提供了极大的灵活性, but also creates the potential for substantial risk as every service is potentially reachable by every other one.

InsightCloudSec helps organizations adopt a least-privilege access model by proactively analyzing cloud environments for excessive entitlements at scale.



As Security 和 DevOps teams continue to work together, organizations need a way to consistently evaluate risk earlier in the CI/CD pipeline so they can prevent problems before they happen, 加快开发人员的工作, 减少摩擦.

InsightCloudSec enables security teams to provide a single, consistent definition of good across the full CI/CD pipeline, allowing you to evaluate potential risks of 基础设施即代码 (IaC) templates before they are built or deployed.


Security 和 compliance don't have to slow you down


Build a culture of collaboration with DevOps by shifting security earlier in the development life cycle, catching misconfigurations before they go live.


Prioritize 和 act more effectively with a clear, 您的数据的统一图片, 漏洞, 威胁, 或.


Set your own conditions 和 automate the actions your team needs to identify, 评估, 并实时修复威胁.


Coverage for all major cloud service providers, including: